Hear, see, feel, smell, but above all taste. This is how see Tasca Els Tomassets, a place for the senses.

Located in Denia’s gastronomic heart, Calle Loreto, La tasca dels Tomassets os an eclectic place to enjoy the best of Marina Alta’s cuisine.

Els Tomassets roots are in traditional, vanguardian style cuisine.

The sounds of the mediterranean, the murmur of voices, joyous street life, the work in the kitchen.... A map of sounds that will accompany you throughout your gastronomic

The space, harmoniously distributed, is christened in earth tone colours and has a clear concept, which is that all can be easily taken in by the eye.

Granite and wood, natural stone and rough walls... Textures and feelings, just like our cuisine, very natural....

Aromas and tastes, all in harmony, the perfect marriage to guarantee that you will enjoy all Els Tomassets dishes.